1500 Hour Cosmetology Course
 Total Cost $13,800.00

New Year... New Beginnings... New Future for You !!!


Competitively lower, so you are School/Loan Debt Free by time you Graduate!!!
Discounted Tuition rates for Military, Police & Fire Families
Flex Schedule & Payment plans Available

Full Time/Part Time & P/T Evening class options

New Facility staffed by Experienced Industry Members & Educators

Did You Know....
- ALL Illinois Beauty schools are mandated to teach the same things
-You only need to be 16 years of age to start classes
-You do NOT need a high school diploma or GED
We are a privately owned, single location school
You will always meet with an Instructor to discuss your options; not a Recruiter who has little or no Industry experience

*** High School Students***
Get a jump start on your career with our Part Time Program; that shouldn't interfere with your HS requirements.
After certification you can earn money for & during college, or make it your full time dream!
Tuition Discounts Available for enrolled HS Students

**Transfer Students**
If you are currently enrolled or have been enrolled in a beauty school within the last 7 years,
but are experiencing or had a hard time finishing for any reason, we can help you get back to attaing your goals of certification.
Questions about your current contracts??? We can help you find out where you stand without obligation or fees.
Transfer Students can begin at anytime!
Trouble Passing your State Exam?
If you have graduated from another school, and are having difficulty passing the State Test,
we offer hourly, one on one tutorial sessions.

***Refresher Courses***
Whether you need to update your license, or just feel more confident with certain client services, we can help!
Our Instructors specialize in many applications, such as Cut, Color, Upstyles, and Extensions

With a Cosmetology Certification...
YOU are able to work on Hair, Skin & or Nails; in many different avenues such as, but not limited to:
- specialty services - salon services  - video   - photo   - production   -runway
Your possibilities are as endless as your imagination...

Why will CATALYST INSTITUTE be Successful for you?

We believe everyone should have an opportunity to receive a top education without going into debt.
We do not produce "Cookie Cutter" stylists; we teach a strong foundation, give tools, knowledge & guidance so each student can express their own Creativity, Imagination & Individuality in a safe and healthy environment.

The State of Illinois defines Cosmetology and its rules. Many schools adhere to the bare minimum of these guidelines, & don't always offer support after graduation. The philosophy of Catalyst Institute is that this industry is so much more than just making some one "pretty". It is also about learning to communicate, motivate, rejuvinate, council and listen to another person; face to face; while forming life long bonds & networks. 

 We believe in hard work, earning an honest means, hope, new beginnings and unexpected chances. We DO NOT claim to be better than anyone; Only Different and Unique in our business ethics, attitude and approach.

" I am the Action; to Start your Reaction..."